Big Sam reveals how to stop Haaland ahead of his Leeds debut at Man City

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Leeds United manager Sam Allardyce has revealed his plans to stop Manchester City striker Erling Haaland ahead of his new managerial debut at the Etihad. stadium tonight

Sam Allardyce has revealed he intends to stop Manchester City superstar Erling Haaland as he prepares for his first game as Leeds United manager. England replaced the sacked Javi Garcia earlier this week with just four games of the season remaining. His job is to keep the UFABET club alive in the Premier League, with the Yungthong currently sitting 17th in the table and just above the relegation zone on goal difference.

Big Sam reveals how to stop Haaland ahead of his Leeds debut at Man City

         This was one of the tightest relegation battles in history. Four of the bottom five teams – Leicester, Leeds, Nottingham Forest and Everton – are just one point clear of Southampton. The last place was only 5 points behind, even though he was regarded as a survival expert. After being relegated only once in his long coaching career. But it’s going to be a tough task for Allardyce to face a really tough opening game. like visiting Manchester City today.

         City are top of the table and are now unbeaten in 19 games in a row. Winning 16 of those matches. Along with a hot striker like Haaland has a strong form has just broken. The record for scoring the most goals in the Premier League. One league season So far, the 22-year-old has scored 35 goals in the league and 51 in all competitions. And at his pre-match press conference on Friday Allardyce was asked. If he had any special plans to stop the Norway international.

      He replied: “Pay, stop pay and stop this big man from taking the opportunity. Then you limit his chances of scoring. stop passing the ball But keep an eye on him all the time, especially in the third region. (Last area in front of the door)” “I’m more interested in paying. If we can reduce the passing of the ball even more first Then when the ball reaches him we limit the number of times the ball reaches him. We’ll have a better chance of dealing with it . play with a positive attitude So do your job.”

         “If you stop him he scores goals. You don’t need to do anything else in Saturday’s game. You don’t need to participate in any other way. Just stop him from scoring. Then you’ll have a great game ′′ ′′ I dealt with a lot of strikers like that when I played. Of course they didn’t score as many goals. But the big guys were around like Joe Jordan and Joe Royle like that. and when I played I’m the fittest player in the league. I think you have to be strong enough to deal with him. Because he can use his body weight excellently. Including his talent and skill.”