Klopp responds to media interest in Mac Allister after Brighton hints he is ready to sell

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How will Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp respond to the media in the event of news that The Reds are interested in Brighton midfielder Alexis MacAllister. After the seagull army came out to signal that it was ready to sell

    Jürgen Klopp has kept his lips tight on Liverpool ‘s chances of signing Alexis Mac Allister, despite Brighton seeminglyopening the door wide to a move for the youngster. however this The Reds want to invest seriously in the midfield before the start of next season. After the German coach tried to rebuild his UFABET team at Anfield And the Argentinian playmaker has been rumored to be the player they are considering.

Klopp responds to media interest in Mac Allister after Brighton hints he is ready to sell

          Liverpool are reportedly the top priority for Mac Allister after he played a prominent role in pushing Brighton in their quest for European territory. While he was also instrumental in Argentina’s World Cup success in Qatar before the end of last year. Amidst those rumors Klopp was asked about his thoughts on the midfielder. During his pre-match press conference against Brentford this weekend.

          The German remained cautious in answering questions and was reserved about the matter, although he replied tersely: “There’s nothing to say in this regard,” Klopp’s comments. It follows an interesting response from Brighton CEO Paul Barber. Speaking on Thursday night’s incredible win over Manchester United, he admitted they were open to selling Mac Allister.

  “There will always be rumors when we do well. “And our people are doing well,” Barber told Sky Sports. “There will always be bigger clubs playing at a higher level looking for the best of us.” “All we can do is show our best. And we are confident that we can keep the best of us for as long as we can. Nothing is guaranteed in football. But we will definitely work hard to keep them here.”

          “We know it’s going to happen [teams coming in for players] so we have to prepare as well as possible. We try to look for areas where we may be most at risk of leaving. *We try to create the best environment we can for our players. So they want to be here. Hopefully they will see that being here is better for their careers. Even the biggest clubs are tempted by huge offers,” Barber continued . We will continue to recruit as we have done. and continue to build a team for the future.”