6 foods and migraine triggers Anyone who frequently suffers from migraines must be careful!

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migraine headache It is often caused by a variety of stimuli around you. Whether it’s food, smells, air, etc., which girls Know what triggers your migraine headaches are caused by. It will help you avoid and prevent it in time. Especially those that come in the form of food. Today we have gathered together foods that trigger migraine headaches to share with you. in order to be able to avoid it in time What kind of food will there be? Let’s read together.

6 foods and migraine triggers Anyone who frequently suffers from migraines must be careful!

1. Alcoholic drinks:
Alcoholic drinks are considered to be an easy and frequent trigger for migraine pain. Especially red wine drinks. It will inevitably result in a migraine headache within 3 hours after drinking. That’s because this drink contains tyramine, sulfite, histamine, and flavonoids. Classified as a substance that can induce headaches. It also causes other symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, irritability, palpitations, and poor concentration.

2. Caffeine: Caffeine
is found in drinks such as tea, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, and soda. Even pain relievers containing caffeine are classified as stimulants that cause symptoms. Migraine pain as well However, the effect of caffeine on the central nervous system depends on the amount that the body receives as well. Normally, in a 115 milligram soft drink, approximately 50-300 milligrams of caffeine will be found, which is enough to make the body alert. However, if the body receives more than 300 milligrams of caffeine, it will cause symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, irritability, and also stimulate migraine pain as well.

3. MSG.
Of course, MSG is a food additive that is widely used in the food industry. It is a substance that adds deliciousness and mellowness to each dish. It is also used in canned food and ready-to-eat food sold at convenience stores. But as you already know, MSG is one of the mechanisms that trigger migraine headaches. That may come from stimulating the secretion of certain neurotransmitters. Or it may stimulate cells in the blood vessel walls to secrete nitric oxide. which is a substance that causes blood vessels to expand eventually leading to headaches

4. Tyramine:
Tyramine is a natural component found in foods such as cured cheese, smoked fish, pickled foods, and meats that have been processed to extend their shelf life. Including foods that contain yeast and beer. This type of substance is one of the triggers that cause severe migraine pain. Therefore, it is recommended that people who suffer from migraines avoid this สมัคร ufabet type of substance as best as possible.

5. Aspartame Aspartame is
a sweetener that is 180-200 times sweeter than normal sugar, and although this type of substance has not been officially certified as a substance that stimulates Migraine pain But it has been found that some patients experience headaches after eating foods that contain aspartame.

6.Nitrate and nitrite
As for nitrates and nitrites, they are preservatives used to preserve foods such as fermented or smoked foods. Migraine sufferers often experience a headache immediately after eating food containing such substances. Or, in some patients, it may take minutes or hours for a migraine headache to occur.

It can be seen that there are foods that trigger migraine headaches. These are all foods that we tend to consume in our daily lives. Therefore, people with migraines should be careful about various substances. that is well mixed in the food that is eaten To prevent migraine headaches from recurring.