What time and what day is the Malay lottery released?

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 For the Malay lottery, there will be more frequent draws than our home country. Lottery days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 18:00, 3 times a week, together with Magnum or a special lottery that will be held on a really special day in Malaysia. The time for the award is also at 6:00 p.m.

What time and what day is the Malay lottery released?

How to play online malay lottery

       For those who have never played or are new to playing the Malay lottery, they may feel confused and confused about how the lottery in this country has a way to play. Is the payout rate good? And when it comes to becoming an online Malay lottery in Thailand, will it be very different from before?

       First of all, it is important to understand that this type of lottery is legal in Malaysia. How to play similar to Thai lottery The difference is only the number of digits, there are 4 digits, while Thai lottery has up to 6 digits, so the Malay lottery has a greater chance of winning than our home lottery. And buying a Malay lottery can buy as many digits as possible, not always 4 digits, but may have to pay for the lottery at a higher rate than buying all 4 numbers only. In addition, 3 Malaysian lottery betting also has a lot of tricks. The prizes of the Malaysian lottery are divided as follows UFABET:

Prizes for 4 numbers, 23 prizes, are:

  • The first prize is called A1.
  • The second prize is called B1.
  • The third prize is called C1.
  • The 4th prize is called Special. There are 10 prizes in total.
  • The 5th prize is called Consolation. There are 10 prizes in total.