Postecoglu opens up to the day ‘Ken’ said he wanted to leave the team

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Ansch Postecoglu has opened up about the day Harry Kane said he wanted to leave the club on day one he took over months ago.

          Ansch Postecoglou says he cannot convince Harry Kane to stay at Tottenham Hotspur and has made plans for his exit this summer. However, on Thursday. Spurs and Bayern Munich have agreed a fee of £ 86 million for the England captain, and despite reports claiming that the striker is not confident. in moving teams But now he has flown to Germany to complete the transfer.

Postecoglu opens up to the day 'Ken' said he wanted to leave the team

          The transfer saga that has dragged on over the summer is coming to an end, and to the disappointment of the fans. Tottenham Hotspur just a day before the Premier League kicked off, while their beloved side still have no direct representation of their all-time top scorer. However, Postecoglu said he was not surprised and expected. That the transfer would have taken place since he arrived at the club months ago. Revealing that Kane had told him in their first meeting that he would leave if a fee could be agreed.

          “I do not have an exhaustive description of the event or what happened. But I understand how it has progressed,” the manager said at his pre-match press conference on Friday August 11 ahead of his first game against Brentford on Sunday. “That’s all the information I have right now. Looks like we’re moving forward without Harry. We’ve been planning this for a while.” “I spoke to Harry on the first day and we both had a very honest conversation. *I got an indication that if the two clubs come to an agreement he will leave.

          “I don’t see the benefit of [Trying to convince Ken to stay] Anything I was about to say was going to be irrelevant. My feeling is that we will get to know each other and that will be the best way to navigate the early relationship. In my mind I thought he had decided to leave after the first conversation. I try to treat him with the respect he deserves . I have been involved in negotiations. But it’s not an easy process. Harry Kane is one of the great players at this football club and there must be pain inside.

          “Although it would be great. If it was handled faster. But I always thought it would be two very different terms. One thing I’m clear about is going into the first game without making a decision. It happened But hopefully we can get confirmation in the next few hours. These things didn’t happen alone and everyone was on the lookout. I haven’t heard from anyone about the change in Harry’s decision. “It’s best for Harry to speak for himself in terms of decision. But he is one of the greats of this football club and that will not change.

Kane was pictured after a medical with Bayern Munich, with the England captain heading to an underground car park. After he and his wife flew to Munich. C on Friday night to complete the transfer with a fee of 100 million pounds. After that his flight was canceled twice. As negotiations continued between the Golden Spur and Giants.

          Fans were then able to capture the moment this player exited the red car. And shouted as he got out of the car with a smile on his ยูฟ่าเบท face. The striker later arrived at Bayern Munich headquarters to finalize the signing process. The 30-year-old could win his first trophy tonight. When Thomas Tuchel was considering sending him to play against RB Leipzig in the German Super Cup. The players rumored to replace Kane were few. List that appears But it is likely that Richarlison will play as a center forward against Brentford.