Jota accepts the loss of many important players, causing the Swans form to swing

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Foi Thong’s attacking line, Diogo Jota, looks at Liverpool. The agency that is showing poor performance at the start of the season. It is because many important players have been released. not enough options

Liverpool forward Diogo Jota admits losing a number of key attacking players. Including Sadio Mane, Takumi Minamino and Divock Origi in the summer. This This caused a big change and affected the performance of a team that is currently still unable to win. With just 2 points from 3 games played since the start of the season. 

Jota accepts the loss of many important players, causing the Swans form to swing

The 25-year-old star player, who now still has to rest from a hamstring injury received from playing for. Portugal national team Which will have to wait a while to come back to help the UFABET team, while Darwin Nunez spearheaded hope. came to be banned with 2 games left to be released

“We know how important Divock (Origi) and Taki (Minamino) are when they play,” Jota told Sky Sports. we want to keep it the same especially When we want to do everything again like last year We know we need everyone. Everyone is important.”

Former Wolves striker admits big changes this summer Instead of having a lineup of three and a number of team players as a substitute But now they have five forwards that are expected to start. The problem is that if two people are missing there will be no substitute That’s what’s happening right now.

However, these problems will go away once everyone is fully fit. which is also a question of when Especially the injury that this time occurs with players in every position. The report stated that Maybe it’s because of the aftermath of the heavy fighting since the previous season. Continuing with more intense training, Liverpool must try to deal with these problems.