Former Liverpool star reveals he could argue with Lampard if they meet again

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The former Liverpool star, who played under Frank Lampard, has revealed that He may have had an argument with the Blues boss instead of greeting each other nicely. if we meet again

    Former Liverpool defender Andre Wisdom has claimed he might have an argument with interim Chelsea manager Frank Lampard if he sees him again. No one can argue that the former Everton bossis Chelsea’s all-time best player. But his career as a manager has left some unsatisfied, while at Derby Wisdom he was coached by a Blues legend. who is now interim manager at Stamford Bridge

Former Liverpool star reveals he could argue with Lampard if they meet again

         But the former Liverpool defender admits he didn’t get on very well with Lampard. And it could be a fight with him if we see him again. Wisdom played little role under Lampard at Derby. Where he was in charge of the 2018/19 season, Wisdom made just 11 appearances in the UFABET Championship. The 29-year-old told The Beautiful Game podcast: “His job is his job . wish him good luck I have no bad feelings for him.”

          “If he sits here, am I going to talk to him? No.” “What’s the other guy’s name? Jodie Morris. I don’t give them a price.” “They’re not my kind of person. If going out at night I might argue with them.” Lampard coached Wisdom for only one season. But it was more than enough to dislike the coach. He has been candid about his time at Pride Park.

        He added, “My experience was strange. It didn’t feel like playing football. I think what confused me was the fact that it was Frank Lampard. But it’s not that I’m amazed. “ I think I expected something that I didn’t get. I just expected more from him as a man. We have a good team as well. So it’s easy when everything is going well.”

          “We got to the finals. [in the play-offs to the Premier League] and lost to Aston Villa, but I think it’s a group of people in their respective associations. It felt like someone was talking behind someone else’s back ′ ′ I remember in pre-season. Someone came back late or something like that. And the next day we all have to run as a punishment.” “I understand the message. But I feel very negative. as i said I had a manager yell at me during my career. And that’s Lampard.

          When asked about Wisdom about his altercation with Lampard, he replied: “I didn’t respond.” And he’s in. “It really has nothing to do with football. It’s more about me. Which is very strange to me ′′ ′′ He said something very strange. You know when someone says to you, ‘They’re not afraid of you.'” “He said I was bullying people. I know this might sound cocky. But if you ask anyone They’ll say, ‘No, Andre is cool’. As a player he’s important. We just don’t click together.”