Besiktas borrows Alli from Taffy to use plus buy option.

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Dele Alli: Midfielder in form Moved to play for Besiktas on loan until the end of the season. After being unable to show the results for Everton with the terms of purchase. After the end of the contract as well.

Turkish football club Besiktas have announced a loan from Premier League midfielder Dele Alli from Everton. Join the army with a loan contract until the end of the 2022-2023 season. A condition to buy and play on a permanent basis. After the players have shown a disappointing performance at Goodison Park since moving from Tottenham Hotspur in January past. 

Besiktas borrows Alli from Taffy to use plus buy option.

The 26-year-old midfielder has been with Spur. Since 2015 and has been a key player in the team throughout the era of Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino. But after that his form dropped. Until becoming a backup before Frank Lampard coach Taffy blue. Hoping to get a good form of the referred back while the UFABET team had to win relegation last season.

But in the end, the performance of this star player is not as expected. After having 13 shots on the field, but can’t shoot or can’t pay friends to score goals at all. While this season, he has played as a substitute for two games in the opening match, losing 0-1 to Chelsea and defeating Aston Villa 2-1, causing him to be released from the team during this transfer window. although there are still 2 years left on the contract

Everton did not provide further details about the transfer . But it was reported that Black Eagles There is an option to buy outright. Starting at 6 million pounds or about 254 million baht and increased to 8 million pounds or about 339 million baht if the conditions are not used before January. 

As for the loan, the media reported that it was 1.86 million pounds or about 79.7 million baht and paid at 8,430 pounds per game, or about 361,309 baht, and it is likely that the news will return to form by playing more. But if the show still doesn’t work well It will be more difficult to return to play in the elite league.